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Yamato Nori Starch Paste Glue 55g - tube (assorted colours)


Yamato Nori Starch - 55g tube (assorted colours)

Yamato Nori starch paste is a wonderful natural adhesive, widely used in Japan for Kanzashi, katazome-shi (printing), for adhering washi & chiyogami papers, book binding and for use with other thin and delicate materials.

The long drying time helps to stop wrinkles on delicate items, and it dries clear, it is non-toxic, acid free and can be washed away with water.

This adhesive, when used with natural fibres such as silk or cotton, does not leave a dark, stiff area - making it perfect for gluing pieces of fabric to porous materials such as card or MDF. When used with a lightweight fabric, the folded petals can be held in place on a gluing table until all petals are ready to be made into a flower. It is very slow drying. It can be washed out, stitched through (great for pasting appliques prior to sewing) and it can be diluted with water to act as a fabric starch stiffener  - saturate the fabric, spread out and leave to dry, then iron for a stiff finish - that will come out at the next wash. 

It has been made by Yamato since 1899, using environment-friendly natural materials - tapioca starch and water.

This tube is squeezable, and made using recycled plastics. 

Tube colour will be at random, from blue, green, pink or yellow

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