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10a victoria st, ip117er

10a victoria st, ip117er

10-3 Tues-Sat


2.5l Beverage Dispenser


Size: H26 x W17 x D26 in.

Material: Stainless Steel

Safety: This product is not a vacuum structure. The lid is not an enclosed type. Please be careful when you move with drinks in. Also please be careful not to spill over as you roll over. Because the contents may leak from the faucet due to the structure of the product, please use the place where you put the saucer under the place or where there is no problem even if it gets wet.

Detail: PUEBCO was born in Japan 2007 by the simply notion creating things instinctively, using found and recycled materials to curate renewed lifestyle items. PUEBCO believes that just as people are the sum of their lived experiences, the objects we share our homes with should carry that same sense of history and weight. By using recycled materials and hand made processes, PUEBCO imbues these objects with the feel of many lifetimes, and a sense of history that makes each piece unique. With Puebco products, there are no imperfections.  These imperfections are details that are meant to be there by design.