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Paperian Lists To Live By [To-Do List Notebook] WAS £14


Do you often find yourself scribbling something you've just remembered you 'absolutely must get to later!' only to forget where you wrote it down? Perhaps the 'Notes' app on your phone is looking a bit cluttered and you're having to sift through to find what it is you typed out a few days ago. If this all sounds familiar, then the To-Do list notepad was made for you. 

This handy little notepad is about the size of your palm measuring 10.2cm x 18.3cm and exists solely for the purpose of organising those niggling tasks you have to work through in your day, or throughout the week. Phone calls, appointments, school pick ups, playdates, work calls, projects or even picking up the odd bit to fill the fridge or cook the evening meal. It's handy to keep in the car, in your bag or even on the kitchen counter as a shared organiser for the family. 

It also doubles up as a goal or habit tracker: are you looking to read more? Maybe you have fitness goals that you want to work towards? A little time for yourself in the day that you need to work in? Whatever you need to track can be noted down in the to-do notepad and ticked off when it's been achieved. 

The cover is made from thick card stock so it's not liable to bend or tear and has a lovely textured feel to it. The front of the cover is foil pressed with words and it's all ring bound so it flips open easily and lies flat. Inside you'll find 45 sheets of to-do lists and 15 sheets of grid paper for free notes, a total of 60 sheets altogether. 

Each page contains 4 sections: one for dates, one for the number of tasks, one in which to write your tasks, and one to tick off all of your to-do's as you go. 

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