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10a victoria st, ip117er

10-3 Tues-Sat


Outdoor Shelving System


Free standing galvanized shelf intended for outdoor use. This larger three section combination is optimized with shelves on either side of the shelf. A mix of galvanized metal shelves with high and low edge are added to give the combination character. The galvanized material changes over time and leaves you with a beautiful patina.

Pre-order item.

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4 x 2-pack Floor Panel h85 x d30 cm

4 x Upright h89 x Ø2 cm galvanized

2 x Back panel b58 x h36 cm galvanized

4 x Metal Shelf High w58 x d30 cm

10 x Metal Shelf Low w58 x d30 cm

Material: Galvanised Metal
Does not include hooks, plants or decorations.