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Japanese Laboratorium Rectilinear Key Ring was £79

A key ring with a charm made from a brass round bar cut and polished to 72.5mm, the average length of the ring finger, which is considered a symbol of creativity. The brass material can change over time as it is used, giving it a variety of expressions. The brass ring is made of silver wax. The rings used are all glued together with silver solder to create a seamless design. Since silver is used for bonding the rings, the bonded parts are silver-colored. Since the finishing is done by hand, there will be some distortion, scratches, and individual differences in length and color. Brass is a very soft material, so please be careful when putting keys and other objects through the key hook, as they will not return if the hook is opened excessively.


• Made in Japan • Weight: 1 oz (27.2 g

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