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The Rivet Box Table is a sturdy, timeless piece of furniture that can be arranged vertically or horizontally and can be used as a table, a storage unit, a pedestal for display, or a combination of all three. Based on a riveting technique suitable for making perpendicular joints between separate, laser-cut raw aluminum sheets, the item is put together by hand using a hammer in a cold-forming assembly process developed by designer Jonas Trampedach in 2011.

May be used as side furnishing, a piece for storage or display
Each piece is unique and hammered by hand
Due to the unfinished and raw nature of aluminum, scratches and natural irregularities on the surface might be originally present
The material will patinate over time, and marks and tinted materiality will occur
The Rivet Box Table can hold 15 kg
Suitable for indoor and outdoor; if placed outdoors it will develop a graceful patina over time but will not rust nor deteriorate
Material: Aluminum
Finish: Untreated
Dimension: H 48.1 / W 32.8 / L 33.8 cm
Daily cleaning is done with a soft cloth wrung out in clean water or with a mild soap/detergent
Avoid using cleaners containing any type of chemicals on the furniture
After cleaning, the aluminum should be washed thoroughly and dried with a soft cloth to prevent streaks and scratches
Special care should be taken to remove any traces of cleaner from edges and rivets. If placing wet items on the furniture, marks will appear

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