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The Échasse bowl - Tea and Kate
The Échasse bowl - Tea and Kate

Audo Échasse Bowl was £235

£175.00 Regular price £235.00

A new addition to the Échasse series by Theresa Arns for Audo, Échasse Bowl combines the elegance of a traditional glass bowl with a playful and light expression, created by four slender brass legs that elevate it into the air. The word échasse is French for “stilts” – and that is precisely the effect, as if the bowl walks on stilts. Made from smoked glass, Échasse Bowl typifies rising-star German designer Theresa’s philosophy to make functional yet poetic design, using long-lasting, natural materials.

Designed by Theresa Arns

Bowl, 4798949   H 14 cm   Ø 29,5/ 27,5 cm

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