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Nagatani-en Mushi Nabe Japanese Donabe Healthy Steam Pot - M


This Donabe Steamer, made by Nagatani-en, is designed to cook the ingredients with the fast steam along with the effect of FIR (Far Infrared Radiation). As a result, the ingredients can cook fast while maintaining the natural flavors and nutrients of each ingredient inside.

Size: Medium (ideal for 2-3 people)

Clay Pot (ceramic, made of the clay from Iga, Japan)

Size: 27 cm (10.75") x W30 cm (12") - incl. handles x H18 cm (6.75")

Capacity: 2,000 ml (about 2 liter)

Weight: 3.8 kg (about 7.5 lbs.)

Nagatani-en’s product has been loved by both professional chefs and home cooks.  Each donabe is made by skilled craftsmen with care at Nagatani-en’s facility.  It takes about 2 weeks for one donabe to be made. 

Healthy non-oil steam cooking for the wonderful flavor and texture.

For fish or meat, its excess fat tends to drain through the steam grate during cooking. Therefore, the Donabe Steamer can give an option for cooking lean. 


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