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10a victoria st, ip117er

10-3 Tues-Sat


Brass Ruler


15cm solid brass ruler. Made from pure brass.

There is something extraordinary about brass products. The heat of the product and the change of color and texture thanks to a long time of use make it an exceptional product.

Brass is an alloy composed of bronze and zinc, it has been used in architecture, for furniture and in the movement "Arts and Crafts". When used, the surface begins to oxidize, which deepens the color and adds taste to the material itself.

The Brass collection is made in Japan.  

The touch and comfort, the click when the pen is switched on, the curve of the curved back like a vintage car is the result of the precision work of skilled craftsmen and technicians who pay attention to the smallest details. The products are pressed and sharpened by a mix between newer machines and old tools. Each product is inspected and assembled by hand.

Imagine the beauty of your BRASS products in ten years. We believe that this will make the use of brass products more interesting.