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Japanese Blanc / Salad Spoon

This enamel cutlery is a simple white color. The clean white color brings out the vivid colors of the food. About enamel Enamelware is made by covering the surface of metal with a glassy film and baking it at high temperatures. As a result, enameled products have excellent durability, heat resistance, and heat retention properties. The glassy surface is also resistant to odors and keeps the product clean. *the beautiful white enamel finish is applied by hand, one by one. Therefore, some color irregularities and unevenness may occur. *some of the pieces may have traces of wire hanging or iron powder from the wire during the firing process. In addition, some pieces may have streaks when they are sanded for finishing. Please understand that these are not defective products, but rather unique characteristics of each handmade product. Size: W5 x H19.5cm Microwave oven: ng Dishwashing machine: ng Oven: ng Open fire: ng Ih: ng


• Made in Japan • Weight: 1.8 oz (49.9

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