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MOEBE Ash A4 Frame


Made in Europe. Designed to Last
Frame consists of two pieces of acrylic glass, four lists made of either untreated oak or aluminum, and a rubber band. The rubber band both holds the frame together and serves for hanging the frame on your wall.

Material: Untreated oak (certified sustainable) / Powder coated aluminium, Acryl glass, Rubber band


How do I clean the plexiglass?
With hot water and a soft cloth. The plexiglass also tolerates glass cleaner.

Should I press the flowers before putting them in the frame?
If you wish for the flowers to stay nice, they have to be pressed before being placed between the plexiglass. If not, they will begin to rot within a short period of time. You can find our guide on how to press flowers here. 

Will the rubber band snap at one point?
As our rubber bands are made out of industrial rubber, they will neither rot or dry out. Therefore, they do not snap as normal rubber bands do. However, should a rubber band snap due to a production error, we will happily replace it free of charge.

My print is falling down, what can I do?
Not all prints stay in place, this can be due to the thickness or surface of the paper. If the print is made of very fine and/or thin paper it may not stick by itself, as it needs a bit of friction to do so. This can be solved either by placing an extra piece of paper behind the print and thereby adding to its thickness or by gluing it to the plexiglass using a glue stick or piece of tape (this can easily be washed off again).

The issue can also often be solved by flipping the individual plexiglass sheets, so that the outer side is instead turned in towards the print. In hot or humid environments, the plexiglass may, in some cases, start to bend a bit outwards. By turning the glass, it will instead be bending inwards and thereby hold the print in place.

Can I hang it from all sides?
As you hang the frame from the rubber band, which goes all the way around the frame, you can hang it from all four sides. You can see how to hang the frame here.

Why is the plexiglass unclear or have a milky look?
To protect the plexiglass during transportation, we have added folio on both sides of each plexiglass sheet. Therefore, you need to remove all four pieces of folio per Frame before taking it into use. 

Take care of your frame
Light stains on the oak frame may be removed by gently rubbing in the direction of the grain with 400 grit (very fine) sandpaper. Stains on the aluminum frame can simply be washed off with hot water or universal cleaner.

The plexiglass may be washed with hot water and a soft cloth - it also tolerates glass cleaner, if preferred. 



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