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10a victoria st, ip117er

10-3 Tues-Sat


Star Throw was £169


With its geometric patterns with contrasting colours, the Star blanket sports a haute couture and graphical look. This blanket is made from Merino wool: three times finer than traditional wool, it is ultra-soft, silky and non-scratchy. It is also a good insulator and temperature regulator. The Star blanket is therefore light, fine and warm. The Star blanket will add a little warmth in the middle of winter around the fire, to snuggle up with your herbal tea or lose yourself in your favourite novel...


  • Colour : Grey

  • Material : Merino wool

  • Dimensions : 180 x 130 cm
  • Weight : 0.66 lb
  • Characteristics : Geometric patterns - Thin and warm - Fringed