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10a victoria st, ip117er

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Toy or Art? You decide. 12 interlocking pieces of solid oak that come disassembled, flat inside a box, with step by step photo instructions on how to piece together.  When you've built this puzzle, break it apart to test your family and friends.  Or leave as is and display as a sculptural object, or trophy.  Perfect for displaying on a desk, coffee table or shelf!
100% natural wood material means there is variation in the grain and color of the pieces.  

Made in Japan

5'' x 4.25'' 1.75'' (box)
4.5'' D when puzzle is assembled

Solid oak (puzzle) Cardboard (box)

Wood will patina with time, darkening or lightening depending on the environment and light contact.  Wood also naturally contracts or expands depending on the humidity in the environment. If the environment is humid, a puzzle that is left assembled for a long time may be difficult to break apart again because the wood has expanded.  Wood that is left in a dry environment may shrink and loosening the assembled pieces.