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10a victoria st, ip117er

10-3 Tues-Sat

Jurianne Matter

Black Decorative Twig Leaves


Size: 20.5cm high, diameter 13.5cm

Material: Printed with vegetable inks on FSC-certified paper and packed in a biodegradable clear sleeve.

Includes: Twig, 3 cards with 57 pre-punched mint-green leaves and 4 metres of white wire in total.

Detail:  Twig is a graphic interior decoration. In just a few minutes you turn your Twig set into a stylish wreath and a long garland. Every mint coloured paper leaf is pre-punched and has slits to thread the white iron wire through. Once threaded, go wild with the possibilities! Bend the wire into a circle and create a wreath, thread a long garland and hang it from the top of your highest cupboard. Very stylish: a Twig garland as centre-piece of your festive dining table. And should you have some wire and leaves left over: turn a present into a gift nobody will want to open, it looks so good…