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10a victoria st, ip117er

10-3 Tues-Sat

SOH Melbourne

Libertine Candle


Scent Of Home Melbourne - LIBERTINE


Heavenly petitgrain, delicate orange blossom layered with green leaf of bitter orange tree.

On a cliff face in the Mediterranean lies an artist vision of a perfect painting. A summer sunset, the red dashing across the sky, the green leaves of the Orange blossom beginning to turn down and the delicate flower exhaling sweetness into the air.


SOH is a Melbourne based fragrance house founded in 2013. The SOH Melbourne ethos is to create an olfactory experience that is clean, fresh and innovative with a modern approach to age old perfumes using the very best natural ingredients.


  • fragrance notes: orange blossom flowers, leaves and twigs
  • wax blend: soy, coconut and almond oil
  • vessel: recycled matte white glass
  • 350g net
  • burn time: 70 hours approx
  • hand poured in Melbourne, Australia