Hay Paper Porcelain cup - Tea and Kate - hay dk - 2
Hay Paper Porcelain cup - Tea and Kate - hay dk - 3

Hay Paper Porcelain espresso cup

Hay Paper Porcelain espresso cup

DESIGN BY Scholten & Baijings

Paper Porcelain is exactly that: a service in porcelain that looks like coarse paper. And that was in fact where Scholten & Baijings began when they created the service for an exhibition. Now, the paper model has been realized in a specially developed porcelain material that lets the tiny iron specks in the porcelain show, in imitation of the matt and tactile quality of recycled paper. The series includes an espresso cup, a coffee cup, a mug and a tea plate.

Ceramics / Made in Japan
Dishwasher proof

Espresso cup / Ø7,5 x H6 cm

Please handle with care!
If placed in the dishwasher, allow sufficient space between items

HAY was founded in 2002, and within a year the company launched its first furniture collection at the international furniture fair IMM in Cologne. This marked the beginnings of the international ambition that HAY has pursued over the past decade: creating durable qual- ity furniture at affordable prices to allow as many people as possi- ble to enjoy excellent design.

HAY looks back with pride at the age of Danish Modern, where quality, craftsmanship and humanistic design put Denmark on the global map.