Fog Linen Japanese iron pot/pan

Fog Linen Japanese iron pot/pan

Complete with iron handles and rivets these are sure to last a lifetime.

medium ∅24xD7.5cm

Care instructions 

Before you start using the pot/pan, please make sure to get rid of the coating (this is done to avoid rust prior to being used).

First you need to burn the pot/pan on the stove at a high temperature until all the coating is burnt off. Make sure all part of the pot/pan is heated through. Once the surface of the colour of pot/pan has changed, leave it to cool down.

Wash the pot/pan with a soap and warm water and let dry it thoroughly, repeat a couple of times.

Apply oil inside and outside of the pot/pan. Then wipe it down with a kitchen paper towel.

The pot/pan is now ready to use. Remember to oil the surface of the pot/pan reguarly to avoid rust.