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Our shop is currently closed due to COVID REsTICTIONS BUT WE ARE ALWAYS OPEN ONLINE.


10a victoria st, ip117er

10a victoria st, ip117er

Our shop is currently closed due to COVID REsTICTIONS BUT WE ARE ALWAYS OPEN ONLINE.


Ochre Alpaca Bed Socks


A new addition to the ever popular alpaca sock collection now available in Ochre. These alpaca socks are hard wearing but also very comfortable due to the cushion sole which gives the foot extra padding. A fantastic sock for the winter months or to wear around the house in place of slippers.  Due to the high percentage of natural fibres they are breathable which prevents feet from sweating or overheating. Alpaca has hypoallergenic properties making them good for those with sensitive skin or prone to irritations from other wool.



Material - 75% Alpaca  25% Nylon

Made in England

Machine washable on a wool cycle no hotter than 30ºC. These socks are made from a natural fibre and do not need to be washed with ever wear. The yarn has no kink in it which means that bacteria doesn't get caught in the fibres. Therefore you will find that they do not require as frequent washing. A weeks wear without washing them is not unreasonable. Try for yourself. 

The sizes are all based on UK shoe sizes. 

Freight strive to produce items that can be made in the UK. Not outsourcing production needs to other countries when there are such fantastic opportunities available to work more. THEIR ideas are influenced by the places THEY have visited and those that have left a significant impression on THEM. The designs THEY create and the materials THEY use are considered and carefully sourced to ensure THEY are manufacturing items which are going to last well and wear even better. THE hope would be for a Freight product to be used repeatedly with no reason to consider an alternative.

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