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top gifts for her

Whether you're struggling to buy for your mum, girlfriend, sister, friend or just want to treat yourself. We have rounded up the top five presents she will love this christmas.


1. The Paper Collective - Resting feet print

One of our favourite prints from Paper Collective, the Resting Feet by Julie Pike.

"Julie Pike’s work hovers between the told and the untold. Each of her works tell a story but never the full story. When looking at the artwork the viewers are invited inside the universe or to finish the story by themselves." 


2. Menu Jewellery Box

A new modern design based on the traditional jewellery box you would find on your grandmother's dressing room table. Available in oak and black ash, the jewellery box is sleek and practical with organising partitions and built in mirror.




3. Rifle Paper Co.
Rifle Paper Co. began in 2009 with owners Anna and Nathan Bond creating their weedding invitations in their appartment. Since then, the brand has continued to flourish with an evergrowing beautiful collection of stationery and accessories which has become one of our most beloved brands.
We couldn't chose just one product from their collection so we have included a few of favoruites which would make a lovely present to put under the tree.


4. Baer Candle
Scandinavians use the more candles than any where else on the globe. The soft glow of candlelight creates a softer, cosy moment and changes the whole enviroment of a room. Skandinavisk is a collection of candles and diffusers inspired inspired by the Norwegian fjords, silken lakes, secluded islands and hygge. 
One of the newest scents we have introduced at Tea and Kate is Baer. Inspired by  family trips to the forest to forage for cloudberries, blueberries and lingonberries, of sweet-smelling reductions on the stove and warm, zingy sauces poured over ice cream'



5. Odeme

This one is for all those who love packaging. The pink and gold packaging reminds us of the beautiful Grand Budapest Hotel. Even better, the packaging is just as good as the product inside. Whether its a hip flask in pastel colours or a nail polish in three vibrant colours.