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Designer Focus : Saar Manche

As a boutique owner its often finding the nicest things that’s the big challenge, the things that no one has discovered before or the things that are just about to launch. I knew the moment i found Saar's instagram account that i had stumbled across the most beautiful illustrations and paintings. 
Saar's instagram account is beautifully curated and always a source of inspiration. I was delighted when she agreed to sell a small limited collection of original paintings through Tea and Kate and then when she contacted us again to let us know that she has made a limited run of prints. I knew instantly this would be the perfect way for everyone to own a little piece of her work making her work more accessible to everyone.
Look out for more Limited Editions and Collaborations coming soon. We have been busy curating a beautiful selection for you our Tea and Kate customers to enjoy. We will be slowly introducing these finds via our newsletter and social media channels so do follow along or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know...after all the early bird catches the worm!
 Remember these finds will only be available in limited quantities...look out for hashtag 'teaandkateselected'.
Saar's beautiful limited edition range of signed prints are available here
Image from Saar's Moment Set of Six postcards available here.
Featuring our Fanny and Alexander camera.
Featuring our Fog Linen Natural Stripe tea towel.