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A Cosy Christmas

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” 
Originating from Denmark the term Hyggehas grown in popularity over recent years, and even became the runner-up word of 2016 according to Collins English Dictionary.
Although the phrase has been interpreted and defined by so many. Hygge translates as 'well being' and essentially conveys the feeling of comfort and contentment by enjoying the small, gentle things of the everyday by savouring the moment. Whether that be enjoying the company of your loved ones or treating your self to the scent of a candle, a warm cup of coffee or ten minutes extra in bed.
As the days shorten, and the temperature continues to drop, its the time of year to stay in and cosy up. We have curated a selection of our favourite products to create the perfect snug winter inspired by the Hygge culture.
Create comfty surroundings

Hygge begins in your home. Create an atmosphere you enjoy, soft textures, warm lighting and simplicity are all key to creating an enviroment with a sense of calm and relaxation. 

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Danish Design in your home
 At Tea and Kate we stock a collection of Danish brands and designers as their design is beautifully innovative and always focuses on functionality.
 Paper Collective, one of our favourite Danish brands, is a collection of beautiful prints from carefully selected photographers and artists. Each print is sustainably produced in Denmark as the brand strives to bring sustainability, responsibility and strong creative partnership in their brand.
One of our favourite prints this winter is the Copenhagen Swim 01 by Danish photographer Søren Thuesen. The simple composition of the soft mist across the Kastrup Sea Baths is created from a beautiful palettes of blues and greys to perfectly create a sense of calm in your home.
Look after you
Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself to a long bath, indulge in your favourite book or food. Get comfy after a long day with luxury loungewear whether its a linen dressing gown or Glerup wool slippers.
Light a candle 
Rumour has it that Scandinavians are the largest consumers of candles.
Create the Hygge atmosphere in your home through the soft glow of candlelight. We love the P.F Candle Co. and their collection of natural inspired scents. Each one of their candles are made with domestic grown soy wax, cotton core wicks and fragrance oils in their Los Angeles studio.
Create a reading list
The Danish have one of the highest quality of life in the world. Many believe that this is due to the Hygge culture as hapiness and well being are prioritised.
We believe with the dark winter months upon us one of the best ways to spend the cold days is indoor with a good book. Our current favourite is Cereal Magazine, a bi-annual magazine filled with striking photography and articles on people, places, culture and style.
Slow Living

We have always loved the slow living lifestyle depicted in Kinfolk. The idea of simplifying our lives and appreciating the moments which matter most.

This winter why not embrace the slow living ideals by spending the afternoon cooking away or learning a new recipe from The Kinfolk Table. The book showcases slow food, a movement which  began in the 1980s as an alternative from the ever growing fast food industry. Slow food strives to maintain traditional cuisine, natural livestock and produce and the skill of cooking. The Kinfolk table is a collection of recipes from across the globe illustrated by beautiful photography with the aim of "putting the emphasis back on the relationships that surround eating."

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