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Hay in action.


This week we our loving these videos of some of our favourite Hay products in action.






HAY - Kaleido from HAY on Vimeo.


Shop the Kaledio range here.



Kaleido is a series of steel trays in geometric shapes that nestle inside each other. The trays fit together side by side or can be used individually. Kaleido combines classic and atypical colours in an interplay of contrasts that enables new functional constellations. Kaleido takes tray service to a new level



Shop the Phi Scissors here.



This figurative pair of gold-handled scissors, which comes in two sizes, is not just a sight for connoisseurs but also a convenient tool for your office or kitchen.



Shop the Lup Candle Holder here.



Designed by Shane Schneck who has turned a line drawing of the classic candleholder into a tangible shape in medium-thickness solid copper or black powder-coated steel wire: ultrasimple and ultramodern.



Shop the Spine notebook here.



Spine Notebook is practical and playful at the same time – an A4 notebook with a sky-blue cover and a yellow spine with plain and patterned pages inside to note, make and create!